Gambling Responsibly at the Ethereum Casino


Once you have acquired your first batch of crypto-currency, you will now be in a safe position to gamble responsibly. Perhaps the incentive towards this desired outcome is the peace of mind in knowing that once you have placed a bet at the online Ethereum casino you will now have a very fair chance of winning a bet. The highlight feature of placing a bet via the casino’s EtherSpin is that every bet placed has to be seen to be fair.

Ethereum casino

If the system that EtherSpin uses dictates that the bet is likely to not be fair, it rejects it out of hand. How is this done then? Using Oraclize’s algorithmic data collection services, EtherSpin can collect information on the bet being placed. In order for the bet to become a legitimate entity of the system, the data collected would need to be scrutinized thoroughly. If along the way it is found that the bet’s data cannot be validated it will be declared to be invalid or inauthentic and the bet will be disqualified.

This of course paves the way for all other bets placed and that have been declared to be valid, to have a better than even chance of winning. As to how much crypto currency will be rewarded will be determined on the volume of bets generated and the sequencing of numbers. So-called lucky numbers are selected through a random number generator also handled by Oraclize. It sounds good so far, doesn’t it?

What also needs to be safeguarded is the manner you go about acquiring your crypto currency. Needless to say, you will not be using crypto currencies from alternative manufacturers. You will always be placing your bets using ethereum. You can purchase your ethereum currency from authenticated and accredited vendors. Better still, purchase your currency direct from Ethereum. Apart from putting yourself in a better than even chance with online gambling, you can now utilize crypto currencies purchases for other transactions that have become part of the Ethereum enterprise.

You remain a valuable consumer. You have your rights and you should always be treated fairly.