Fixing Common Problems With A Cheap 3D Printer.

3D printers, much like everything else in the world, are the greatest thing in the world until they break and refuse to print properly. Every type of 3D printer, including a cheap 3d printer has its problems and woes and knowing how to fix them yourself can save time and money in order to get you back to having fun.

Nothing is printing

cheap 3d printer

This is by far the hardest to diagonals because it has so many potential problems. The nozzle can stop spraying the plastic filament mid-print or simply refuse to start, plus the problem can be easy to miss.

This can normally be fixed by adding in new filament and keeping track of how much filament is inside your machine by looking at the filament reel. If that’s been done then check on how close your nozzle is to the printing surface and be sure to give it plenty of space.

A backup can prevent the first layers of the material from printing and can even cause a backup in the nozzle, but by raising the nozzle just right, the problem can be fixed.

The print looks bad

Sometimes the outside of your print looks amazing, but the inside looks awful or is broken. When a print isn’t decorative or is supposed to serve a purpose, this can cause a problem.

Be sure to double check your settings and ensure the settings for the inside of the object are correct if they are then the problem might be because of a nozzle blockage. To fix this check the fill density, speed, and pattern of the infill nozzle.

By adjusting these settings you can change the quality of the inside of your project to help ensure that it looks correct and has enough time to fill correctly. In addition, ensure that there is no blockage in the nozzle.


Cheap 3d printers and expensive ones alike have these problems, and nine times out of ten these problems are something that you can fix yourself without much trouble. The important thing to remember is that problems need to be caught and fixed right away before they spiral into bigger ones.

3D printers are expensive to replace and if you have a problem that permanently damages your printer you’ll have to pay out of pocket to replace it. When faced with that alternative, a few minutes of tinkering doesn’t seem that bad.